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Jake King - creator of the Ramblerstick

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Male adder walking stick shown against escallonia leaves

We are grateful to the following organisations for their help:

Arkane Jewellery - they have crafted the silver work on my sticks

t & o. with love - excellent, alternative wood craft.

Phoenix Stick Company - many thanks to John Faulkner at the Phoenix Stick Company based at Nailsworth in Gloucestershire, for helping out with ferrules, connectors and shafts of various woods.

The Gloster Birder - if you're a bird watcher and visiting Gloucestershire, check out Mike King's web-site 'The Gloster Birder' for the latest bird news in the County.

Neil Dalrymple - beautiful original handmade stoneware and ceramic sculptures.

Anne's Cakes - beautifully decorated handmade speciality cakes from North Wales