A quality hand-crafted stick

Ramblersticks are quality, hand crafted, wooden rambling sticks, with handles carved in the shapes of wild animals and birds. These sticks can be all one piece, with no added attachments, such as horn or acrylic. Each stick is unique.

Male adder - naturally curved ash walking stick

Male adder

Much searching is necessary to find a stick suitable for carving. It needs to have enough 'handle' for working, and be attractive and manageable. Some straightness of stem is desirable. Only a small number of raw sticks possess all of these qualities, and it is not usual to find a good stick without natural blemishes on it of one sort or another, which can actually enhance the overall appearance. You can read more about the processes of finding and creating a Ramblerstick.

Mute swan

Mute swan

Ash is the wood I most often use. It is tight grained, light in colour, seasons well and is good to work. I also use Sycamore which is lighter in weight, less dense, and has a rich brown bark and slightly yellow colour to the wood. I have also used Hazel, Yew, Holly and Whitethorn.



I am often asked how long it takes to make a 'Ramblerstick'. Of course, this mainly depends on the demands of the subject to be carved, but must also include the initial search for a suitable stick, and the prevailing weather that crucially affects seasoning (which on its own can take several weeks). Therefore, from cutting to finishing, probably sixteen to twenty weeks would be a conservative estimate!

Where do I buy one?

Jake King with a selection of ramblersticksIf you would like to purchase one of my sticks, click on gallery, have a look at just some of those I have made - then please contact me.

Prices start at £245. Postage and packing are extra. Unfortunately, I am unable to do commissions at the moment.

Please note: 'Ramblersticks'' are not produced as a replacement for official NHS supportive walking sticks, but as a rambler's accompaniment for responsible use by adults and only for the purpose intended.